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COVID-19 Policy

Although lockdown measures are starting to be lifted, I am still adhering to a no-contact policy. All sessions at this time will be conducted over video chat. Don't worry though, your intuitive energy transcends physical distances - video-chatting won't affect the accuracy of the reading!


About Me

A Unique Tarot Card Reader

Having been raised in an "alternative" household by an artistic mother and musical father, I have always felt in touch with my intuition and imagination. Both these aspects are hugely important to the art of Tarot reading, as it involves a great deal of personal interpretation when deciphering the messages the cards are conveying. My approach to Tarot reading is to combine the magic of the cards with a kind of collaborative talking therapy with my clients (greatly informed by my First Class Honours in Psychology BSc). Querents can expect to feel comfortable and relaxed as we work together to unravel the roots of the issues you're investigating - cups of tea and a sympathetic ear will be part of the experience whether you are here in my home or we are talking over video-chat!


A Fabulous Feature!

Talor's Tarot in Darling Magazine UK

28th May 2020

"Young entrepreneurs now pivoting their businesses"


Welcome Aboard

Readings on the great ship Solaris

A sure way to gain a memorable experience is to have your cards read as you float on the Thames! I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful location, and find that being so close to a body of water is great for connecting to both nature and the spirit world. Join me on my floating palace for an extra special Tarot experience.
*Location will be divulged over email*
**Please see COVID-19 Policy notice at the top of the homepage**

The Bridge
The Thames
The Wheel

Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Straight From The Source

I have had tarot readings before meeting Talor. She was very knowledgeable and great at explaining the significance of each card and the connection between them. She made me realise what really are the most important issues for me at the moment and where I should be focusing my energy now. The whole experience was really insightful and being on her beautiful house boat made it even more special.

Marja-Leena Toseland, Editor, Darling Magazine UK

May 2020

I so enjoyed my tarot reading with Talor, with her charming warm personality I felt totally at ease and relaxed, in fact in the end it was more like a therapy session! She is a knowledgeable and deeply caring individual. As well as reading my cards, she listened to me and that is a remarkable skill in anyone. She is a uniquely empathetic character and I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her.

Lesley Smith

May 2020

I went along with a completely open mind, not having experienced a Tarot reading for at least five years. Apart from the fact that the Tarot reading was incredibly accurate to my present situation, I was truly impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism shown by this extremely intuitive and empathetic young woman.

Heather Herber-Percy

May 2020

The accuracy of the cards really shocked me - it was like they had seen inside my mind and were reflecting all my thoughts back at me! In any other situation I would have been afraid but Talor was fantastic at putting me at ease. Her bright, positive outlook on the reading made me realise I had nothing to fear.

Lyndsay Russell

April 2020

I’ve always been curious about tarot but had never taken the time to stop for a reading. Talor guided me through a Celtic Cross with exceptional insight and intuition. At the end, I felt like she had given me a life compass made of cards!

Jasmine Price

May 2020

Talor had lovely presence. She took the time to explain everything with an open and positive mindset which made for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


May 2020