Curious but apprehensive?

Mythbusting and how Tarot can help you...

There's a lot of mystery and myth surrounding Tarot reading. The first image that probably comes to many people's heads is that of a haggard old crone in a bedouin tent, dripping with jewelry and spouting off prophecies of your impending doom. I can't speak on behalf of the whole community, but while the Tarot is often spookily accurate at describing a querent's current environment, I also see it as a means for the querent to have some much-needed talking therapy with the reader. Tarot spreads can offer alternative perspectives on the problem, highlight issues that need more attention, or even uncover some subconscious predilections you never knew were hiding under the surface.


What to expect...

Whilst sessions are being conducted remotely, I encourage clients to light a candle and some incense in your home so you can really get into the vibe! My talking therapy approach is the main reason why I also recommend clients prepare a cup of tea (or whatever is your go-to comfort drink) before the session starts. It can be a scary thing to put your life under the Tarot's microscope, so I want you to feel totally relaxed and at ease during the experience.


Ready to give it a go?

Drop me an email and we can work out what kind of reading will be most suited to your needs. Be open-minded, inquisitive, and let the cards help you fill those gaps in your knowledge!